Monday, August 4, 2008

Update..... with pics

This is the lift hill for Wild Beast. If I recall correctly, it's the tallest wooden roller coaster in Canada.
This is an inverted coaster (ski-lift style seats). My guys waited almost 2 hours to ride this. It got a new name this year due to not being able to use the Paramount movie names anymore. It used to be called Top Gun.
My "boys" walking into the Time Warp roller coaster. This roller coaster does not have a traditional lift hill. The spiral lift hill is in the background of the pic.
My guys on Time Warp. They are on the right hand side of the car when you're looking at it. I didn't do much due to my sunburn that I got on Saturday.
Waiting in line for Behemoth (tallest steel coaster in Canada). It just opened this year. It is just over 200 ft tall which seems small in comparison to some of the coasters we have in the USA.
I found this in Wal-Mart and couldn't stop laughing. I told Shawn that nobody would believe me without a picture.
Everything in Canada has two languages on it. This was one of the ketchup packets that we got with our onion rings.
Waffle & Ice Cream Sandwich. Shawn said they used to sell these at Cedar Point. He was somewhat disappointed with Canada's Wonderland's offering.
This was in the bathroom in the rest area on the 401.
My guys heading out on Wild Beast.
I have more pictures and some video. I'll probably post a link to my Photobucket when I get them uploaded there.

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