Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ready to cry UPDATE with pictures

UPDATE: 8-13-08

One small boo boo and one big boo boo.

The picture below is of my left leg just below the knee. The "circle" in approximately the middle of the picture is my boo boo from the accident. Basically I got dry skin scraped off.

Now for the big boo boo. This is what my "baby" looks like. I missed the phone call from the collision shop taking these pictures. I took from all sides but am only including two pictures on here.

Well, my "baby" decided she wanted to see what the tail end of a Dodge Dakota 4x4 truck tasted like. Her front end looks a mess right now. Both headlights are smashed, hood is folded and radiator is pushed in. Airbags never went off but FIL thinks that may be due to the fact that my bumper probably went under the truck. I did drive it home but we are waiting for a call back from the collision shop that the insurance company suggested. I was in no shape to take pictures today but I will try to get some tomorrow.


Shirla said...

Oh no Erin! I'm so sorry. I'm glad no one was hurt.

Gail said...

Erin!! Are you OK??? Your Baby can be fixed,I feel the same way about my truck {{{{{{{{{Erin}}}}}}}}}