Sunday, August 10, 2008

All "Quiet" on the home front

Well, we are back to being pretty "quiet" around here. Shawn's vacation ended today so we took Nicholas back to his mother tonight. We did get to spend some time with Samantha when we got there. Although I like the quiet at times, I miss the kids when they are not here.

We did have a little incident here though with Nicholas. I was giving him a facial mask to try to help with his skin. As I was putting on the mask, I thought something looked weird. When I went to take the mask off, I figured out what was wrong. He was missing part of his eyebrows. He had worn a rolled up bandana around his head covering his eyebrows starting with when we picked him up for vacation. When asked about it, he told me that he did it on a whim at his mother's house. He pulled them out with his fingers. According to our neighbor, they should grow back in somewhat fast. We are just hoping that he didn't pull hard enough to cause damage. If he caused damage, his eyebrows could grow in "freckled".

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