Thursday, August 7, 2008

Food Question

Ok, I have a question. How do you make Macaroni Salad? Shawn & I have differing views on what goes in it. Shawn thinks elbows, peas, tuna and Miracle Whip. I think pasta (usually elbows), peas, onion, cut up pickles, Miracle Whip and sometimes cubed cheese and hard boiled eggs.

This subject came up because we are meeting up with Nicholas' best friends family today at Stony Creek Metro Park . We're planning on having a cookout and are sharing the responsibility of the food. Shawn decided HE wanted Macaroni Salad. He said that he was going to make it. Well, he slept in this morning, so I made it. I did it my way and he says that I did it wrong. Maybe it's a Northern/Southern thing.

What do you think?


Gail said...

I think whoever makes it makes it tee right way :o) But,I just have elbows,a large variety of veggies,all cut to the same size as the elbows,hellmanns,balsamic vinegar,and garlic powder.Sometimes,I'll get a bowl of it,and add fake seafood stuff for a quick lunch.I asked that question on kf a while back,and honest to God,the thread went on for days,no 2 recipes were the same.So,tell Shawn you'd LOVE to try his version,he can let you know when he's done making it :o) :o) :o)

Shirla said...

I love you and Shawn but I have to say this...its wrong wrong wrong to use Miracle Whip in Mac
salad! lol Heck IMO it's just plain wrong to use Miracle Whip in anything! ;)
I put elbow pasta in my macaroni salad, cucumbers, tomatoes, salt, pepper, Dukes Mayonnaise, imitation crab meat, dried minced onion and lemon juice.

Erin said...

We love you too Shirla but it is Miracle Whip in our house. We don't have to have brand name of it. I've bought it from Aldi and the store brand at other places. I have stocked up during the summer time when I catch a good price on it. I need to look at the ads as I only have one jar in reserve right now.

Shirla said...

Well like I told you when you called me today, if I ever get up there for a visit with you I'm bringing my own mayo. ;)