Friday, August 29, 2008

I did it!

The HM steak fries came out awesome. Shawn was raving that they were perfect.

This is the cut up potatoes before I drizzled them with oil.
Close up after drizzled with oil and sprinkled with Seasoned Salt.Cooked them about 30-35 minutes at 400 degrees. This is just after coming out of the oven.
Dinner plated. This is Shawn's plate.


Shirla said...

The taters look yummy Erin! That mac and cheese looks good too, what kind is it? Homemade or from a box?

Erin said...

Thanks Shirla. The mac & cheese is Meijer brand spirals & cheese. I usually buy the spirals over the elbows if they are both on sale at the same price.

Gail said...

Erin,we love the oven fries,eat em all the thing I can tell you,is that I nuke the potatoes for 6-8 minutes [depending on how many and what size they are],let them cool a bit,then use them for oven fries,they are so creamy inside and so crisp and brown outside :o)

Swansong said...

Looks yummy there!! I am trying to figure out dinner to tonight and I can't remember if I have taters in the house but if I do I predict these! LOL

Hey hey there missy you need to get to work on making that bar pan darker! I don't use ming THAT much and mine is already darker than yours. But I guess you have several adn I only have one LOL

Erin said...

I'm working on it. You should see my rectangular pizza stone. I have several stones that I don't use that often that I need to get seasoned. I have the square baker, loaf pan and mini loaf that need some TLC. :) The large bar pan and my two flat stones get the most use.