Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WHO are you?

Well, on Tuesday, Shawn and I both made it on the top 10 list for a midday radio show that Shawn usually listens to. They mentioned that there was supposedly a Sunday Night Football cookbook coming out. They wanted other recipes for the cookbook. Keep in mind that this is a sports station. Shawn came in at #10 and I came in at #8. They were doing a random drawing to win two tickets to see The Who in October at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Guess WHO won? We don't know which entry won but we're going to see The Who on October 21st.

Here's the link to the list if you want to see our entries:

or here's the list:

Other recipes for the Sunday Night Football cook book...
10) Deacon Jones' recipe for the cookbook was rejected because it only had one ingrediant: 1 quart of vodka. J-S Flying Robot---Belle Isle
9) Mike Williams how to put a buffet together. Craig---Madison
8) Reggie Bush: Rump Roast. Mrs. Karsch's Garbage Man---The Kitchen Cooking Southern Food
7) Ricky Williams' Pot Roast. Bill---New Hudson
6) Fernando Rodney's Artichoke Dip. Lawson---Novi
5) Mike Tyson could tell you how to cook the children and heart of Lennox Lewis. Cruz---Your Mom's House
4) Ron Artest's Crazy Bread. Dan---NYC
3) Rebecca Lobo could make some killer Horseradish. Adam---Work
2) Joe Tiller's "What's In My Mouth" Casserole Surprise. BeadGrl---Farmington Hills
1) Roger Clemens' Non-Alcoholic Party Platter: Virgin Mary..or Cindy or Jessica. Darrell---Selfridge

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