Monday, August 4, 2008

Back in the USA

I'm in the process of getting the pictures on the computer. We crossed the border into Canada about 5 am on Sunday morning and crossed back into the USA just before 2 am Monday morning. We got home about 3 am and unloaded kid and vehicle. Both guys are still sleeping. I have no idea why I'm awake. Nicholas enjoyed himself. I think he rode almost every coaster there. We did get to watch a Security guard jump the fence while we were eating lunch and flush out a group of kids that were in the trees smoking something they shouldn't be.

I'll update once I have pics ready.


Gail said...

Welcome Home Erin,can't wait to see the pics :o)

Shirla said...

Welcome home Erin! I saw your name on my caller ID today, I think the date was from yesterday. Sorry I missed your call.