Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Dinner & Pictures

This was tonight's dinner. I took a steak I got on special and sliced it up. Cooked it up with some garlic, HM beef gravy and l/o green beans. Served it over rice. Side was sauteed zucchini, summer squash and onions.
This is the photo display we currently have in the bathroom. They are pictures that I have taken at the various amusement parks we have been to. The string of things in the corner is our "eye spys" and photo keychains we have collected over the years. My sister joked that she had plenty to look at if she had to be in there for some time.


Shirla said...

Erin,your dinner pic is making me hungry and its late and I cant eat this late and then go to bed! Also, what is the thing hanging in the corner in your bathroom?

Gail said...

Erin,I didn't get the "Whole scene" in the e-mail pics,you did a lovely job with that display,and it really is unique!!