Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What I got for $12.33

I took advantage of a deal that Target has this week on General Mills cereal so if you subtract the $5 giftcard that I got, I only spent $7.33 for everything pictured here. This is what I got from Target and Dollar Tree. Target has General Mills cereal 4/$11. I went in with 3 $1 off/1 coupons for Cheerios. Here's what I got at Target:

3 boxes Cheerios on sale for $2.75 each - $8.25
1 box Cinnamon Toast Crunch - $1.99 (was priced lower than sale price)
1 Johnson's Buddies Grip Soap - $0.99
1 bag Candy Corn (for DH) - $1.66

I had the 3 $1 coupons for the Cheerios and a $1 coupon on Johnson's Buddies. I also have a Team Member discount of 10% and my state does not charge tax on food. My grand total after all coupons and discounts was $8.15 and I also got a $5 gift card so I technically got all of the items for $3.15.

At Dollar Tree, I picked up the two plates (one dark, one light) as I'm going to try to take some cool pictures of the food I create. I also picked up the basket in order to put fruit in on the counter so we don't have it all over the place. The hamburger buns are for tonight's dinner. I spent $4.18 at Dollar Tree.

I think I did pretty well. Last night and this morning I was going through many of the magazines I recieve for free and pulled out the coupons I saw in there. I used to be a "coupon queen" but started slacking off when we moved. I need to get back into them for the items we use. I will probably only use them though if I can get the item for less than what I can get it at Aldi or Save-a-Lot as that is where we have been doing the majority of our shopping lately. Doing our shopping there though, I think I have finally gotten Shawn to see the reason why I have so many of the "green bags". Granted, he has taken one of them over as his "lunch bag".


Shirla said...

WTG Erin and I'll take a hand full of that candy corn, please. ;) I love that stuff!

Gail said...

Erin,WTG!! I've been slacking off on the couponing too,you gave me the impetus to go start again. :o)And Shirla,I LOVE candy corn,too :o)

Shirla said...

Oh I hadnt thought of sweet potatoe fries! TY! I thought about making a sweet potatoe casserole. I think the only way I'll be able to bake them is to cut them in half, they are so big it would take to long to cook them hole, I do love a baked sweet potatoe with a little butter on it.