Sunday, September 21, 2008

Last night's dinner and a potato review

I was picked to test the new Steam n' Mash potatoes from Ore-Ida through She Speaks. I received my package that included a potato masher, one coupon for a free package and 10 $1 off coupons. I picked up my free package last week and let Nicholas pick the flavor. He chose the Garlic flavor. I made them with last night's dinner. We were not that impressed.

The packaging is eye catching. It states that there is supposed to have 7 servings. Once I made them though, I could tell that their 7 servings would not equate to 7 servings in my family. Shawn does physical labor at his job and Nicholas is a growing teenage boy. This is the amount of potatos we had after adding the milk and mashing.
This was my plate last night. Samantha had less potatos then me. Nicholas had about the same amount and Shawn had more. I did have to reheat the prepared potatos in the microwave as they weren't warm enough. I don't believe that we will be purchasing these potatos again.

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Shirla said...

I put my free coupon in my wallet Friday and forgot to look for the potatoes in Walmart when I was there Friday evning. I'll have to remember to check Farmer's Foods and Food Lion for them next time I'm in there.