Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Getting ready for some early mornings

No picture of dinner tonight. It was simple. "Shake & Bake" pork chops and zucchini & summer squash sauteed together.

I was approached on Thursday by the kids' mother about helping her with getting the kids on the bus once she starts back to work. Samantha is scheduled for the bus at 7:10 and Nicholas at 7:50. Their mother has to leave by 6:30 for her revised schedule at her job. Shawn was able to work out a deal with someone at his job to meet up with them for a ride to work. That means though that I will be at his ex's house about 5:30. Shawn talked with her this evening to see if that was ok with her. She stated that it was ok. We will be doing a test run of everything on Friday and I will start on Tuesday.

I already told Shawn that I'm going to premake an easy breakfast (i.e. egg sandwich or set up oatmeal) the night before so that I can have something to eat. I do know I'll be taking my sweet tea with me.

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