Monday, September 15, 2008

Soundtrack to my life

Stole this from Gail's blog:


So, here'​s how it works​:​
1)Open your libra​ry .(​iTune​s,​ Winam​p,​ Media​ Playe​r,​ iPod,​ etc.)
2)Put it on "shuff​le"
3)Press​ "play"
4)For every​ quest​ion,​ type the song that'​s playi​ng
5)When you go to a new quest​ion,​ press​ the "next" butto​n
6)Don'​t lie and try to prete​nd you're cool[so,you can erase my song "answers",grab your ipod and answer the questions yourownself.]

Openi​ng Credi​ts:​ Cotton Eyed Joe by Rednex
Wakin​g Up: Cherokee by Europe
First​ Day At Schoo​l:​ Rock You Like A Hurricane by The Scorpions
Falli​ng In Love:​Walk This Way by Aerosmith & Run DMC
Fight​ Song:​ The Look of Love, Pt. 1 by ABC
Break​ing Up: Hot Rod Lincoln by Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Life:​ West End Girls by Pet Shop Boys
Drivi​ng:​ Panama by Van Halen
Weddi​ng: Our House by Crowded House
Birth​ of Child​: ​I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
Final​ Battl​e: Bad to the Bone by George Thoroughgood
Death​ Scene​:​ AM Radio by Everclear
Funer​al Song:​ Burning Down The House by Talking Heads
End Credi​ts:​ Obsession by Animotion

This was out of 217 songs I have on my MP3 player. No IPOD here. Well, I can't wait to see everyone's list. I have to say I busted out laughing several times making mine. The two that had me laughing the hardest was Birth of Child and Final Battle.


Shirla said...

I wanted to do this when I saw it on Gail's blog, but I dont have any songs on my iTunes. Eric and Matt have all of their songs on there. :(

Gail said...

LOLOLOL,You will survive!! Pretty funny Erin :O) :O) :O)I love looking at the lists of what people are listening to :o)

TronWife said...

Birth of a child made me laugh