Friday, October 31, 2008

My attempt at biscuits

As part of dinner on Monday I decided to try my hand at making biscuits as we didn't have any "Whomp" biscuits.

I only had two ingredients: Baking Mix and milk

Adding the milk into the mix
All mixed up

Before rolling on the floured counter. I forgot to take a picture of it all rolled out. That's where the problem was. I rolled it too thin.

Some of the finished product. The rolled ones are the product of using up the scraps left after cutting out the biscuits.

I think my main problem was that I rolled it out too thin. I might try it again. Let's just say that these were not the best part of dinner.


Gail said...

{{{{Erin}}}}}}}}}} A hint for your soon as you get the wet and dry mixed,dump the dough onto a board,and pat it gently into place,don't roll it or they won't come out as light as they cound.I leave my biscuit cutter right along side where I'm patting out the dough,so I can tell how high to leave the dough.You don't knead [tee-hee!]a roller to make biscuits :o)And I brush the tops with melted butter,so they get golden brown,I never saw a biscuit that would brown up properly without a lil help :o)I'm impressed with your whomp biscuits,this will be a breeze for you,you do the others so well :o)

Shirla said...

The mix you used, it looks like a store brand Bisquick. If it is then I cheat when making those. I use the drop method. I mix the mix and milk, then drop onto my stone with a spoon, bake and there you have biscuits! ;)
When I make the roll out kind of biscuits I use a mix, but I'm out of it now and cant remember the name of it. I also have my sisters biscuit recipe that is really good. I can give you that recipe if you would like it. It's a very easy recipe.