Saturday, January 17, 2009

Who put me in the freezer?

I'm ready to be finished with our frigid weather. I only went outside yesterday when I absolutely had to. I'm off work for the weekend. I'm starting to enjoy the fact that I have the weekends off now. I've only had a Monday-Friday job one other time in my employment history. I've almost always worked retail which has some of the craziest hours.

Samantha and I have plans for Sunday evening which include her mother, Samantha's friend and her mother. I'll will post details on Monday about it.

We're waiting to hear from our mechanic today about Shawn's car. The radiator blew on him yesterday. Samantha and I had to go back out last night and pick him up from the mechanic's work. Hopefully it won't be too major of a bill. Our mechanic (Nicholas' best friend's dad) will let us know whether it can be repaired or if it would be better/less expensive to replace it. We are dealing with a 1973 Plymouth Satellite Regent. Think Brady Bunch station wagon. The Bradys drove a 1971 model.

Well, they just stated on the news that no more sub zero temps for a few days. We are expecting to get 3-4" of new snow by sunset though with another 1-2" overnight. I'm really beginning to hate winter. (Sorry Shirla. I know you love it).

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Swansong said...

Oh dear! I hope the car can be fixed as I assume it is paid and no one wants a new car payment LOL