Monday, January 19, 2009

My ears have finally.....

stopped ringing. I hinted the other day that Samantha and I would be doing something last night.

Our destination last night was Joe Louis Arena. It was the venue for a concert by The Jonas Brothers. I do believe that the crowd that was there last night was louder than any crowd I've heard there for a hockey game. (Joe Louis Arena is where the Detroit Red Wings play)

Several times I picked Samantha up out of her chair and held her so that she could see the stage better. They did have 3 huge projection screens showing the boys close up. I think Samantha was surprised that I was able to recognize most of the songs within the opening notes.

It was a great show and was enjoyed by all. It was Samantha's first concert. She talked to Grandma (Shawn's mom) on the drive home and was commenting that she didn't think she would be able to go to sleep.

I can't believe my "Samzilla" is getting this old.

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Shirla said...

Sounds like she had a great time! :)