Thursday, December 4, 2008

A House Divided *PIC ADDED

Well, Shawn and I got some interesting looks tonight at Ford Field. Normally football is the name of the game at this stadium. Tonight though it was the site of one of the games of the 2008 ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Tonight's game was Michigan State vs North Carolina. As the title of the post indicates, we are a house divided. Shawn was born and raised in Michigan while I was born and raised in North Carolina. We both chose to support our respective teams with our clothing choices tonight. I hope to edit this post tomorrow with pics of our outfits.

MSU put up a valiant effort but UNC took them to school. Final score: UNC 98 - MSU 63. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of Carolina Blue I saw in the crowd. Shawn and I had an enjoyable evening for about $60 (tickets, parking and refreshments). Tonight's game was a test run for the city as Ford Field is the site of the Final Four for this season's NCAA Tournament.

I hope to be seeing my Tarheels back in town in March/April. Also, before I have any haters from the Big 10 say anything, I will root for a Big 10 team as long as they are not playing an ACC team.

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