Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time for the Big Dance!

This is one of the times of the year that I look forward to the most. I grew up in ACC country. I was born and raised in North Carolina watching 3 of the greatest college basketball coaches ever. For those who can't figure it out, I'm talking about Dean Smith (UNC), Jimmy V (NC State) and Coach K (Duke).

I'm expecting this to be an interesting tourney in my household as there is the possibility of the Championship game being a Michigan team (Michigan or MSU) vs a North Carolina team (UNC or Duke). I have my brackets set up as it being MSU vs UNC. Of course the Tarheels will prevail just like they did when they met MSU at Ford Field (site of this year's Final Four) back in December during the Big 10/ACC Challenge. If my bracket holds up, ya'll may hear some serious screaming coming from my household on the evening of April 6th as Shawn and I would be on opposite sides of the living room yelling at the television and trash talking to each other.

Shawn has stated that he hates dealing with me during Tourney time as he knows I'm going to trash talk about the Big 10. ACC rules in College Basketball!

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Swansong said...

uhhh sports? YUCKO!!! LOL