Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm a Crochet Nerd

Well, I'm still making the totes. Here are a few of my latest and the yarn combinations I have already for future bags.

Country blue and tan in cotton yarnNavy blue & white in acrylic yarn. This one was done as a gift but has already gotten me two orders.

These colors are really bright. I think it will make a fun beach bag.

Pink camo yarn. I'm thinking this one for a friend's teenage daughter.

More bright colors.

Girlie colors.

Samantha wants these colors for one of her bags. She also wants one that is pink and green.

More girlie colors.

I also made two other bags that I don't have pictures of. One was made totally out of the multi color yarn with the pink. It was for my niece. The other was a all red one. Shawn's ex bought it from me.
I've looked at a few websites for the possibility of selling these. I'm also going to look into local craft shows. I might enlist my mother in law for those as she knits the washcloths.

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