Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick Check-In

Just checking in real quick. Originally I was scheduled 2-6 for Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I ended up working 9-6:30. Sunday I am now scheduled 10-7.

One good thing about this evening was I didn't have to cook. Shawn, Nicholas & I went to BD's Mongolian Barbecue for dinner. Shawn & I have been there numerous times (we had our first date there) but it was Nicholas' first time.


Swansong said...

jealous look yummy!

Shirla said...

I wish we had that restaurant here in VA!

Erin said...

I enjoyed my "date" with my two guys. I felt bad because I hardly got to spend any time with Nicholas this weekend due to my work schedule. I did kiss his forehead on my way out the door this morning while he was still sleeping. I highly doubt that he would have let me do it if he was awake.