Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A cake for my young man

We had a barbeque at Shawn's parent's house to celebrate both Shawn and Nick's birthdays. Nick wanted a lemon cake so I did my best to make him one. I had some lemon extract that I added to a white cake mix. I also tinted the cake mix green as it is his favorite color. I decided to tint the frosting yellow since we were attempting to make a lemon cake. I had kept a small bit of frosting off to the side and tinted that green and used it to write on the cake. Nick thought the beaters looked really cool. He compared them to easter eggs.

The finished product. It didn't have a strong lemon taste but everyone got a kick out of the cake being colored. We used vanilla frosting.
I had also made Samantha's cake this year. We had always purchased their cakes in the past. I think the kids appreciated these cakes more than any of the ones that we bought.

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