Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I've been up to lately

I have gotten back into crocheting. I found a free pattern on a website for a market tote. I decided to give it a try with some yarn I had at home. I liked the way it came out and have been making lots of them. The pattern calls for cotton yarn but I have also used acrylic yarn.

This one is made from acrylic yarn and was made for my best friend's daughter.
This one is from cotton yarn and was made for my mother in law.
Another acrylic one made for my best friend.
Made with cotton yarn. Wasn't made for anyone. I'm thinking I might keep it. I like the way the colors go. I'm currently working on this one. Made with cotton yarn. It's for my consumers' mom.

I'm debating about making these up and selling them. Right now, I'm making them for friends and family.


Swansong said...

Thats awesome!!!! You got some talent there girlie!!!! Very nice job!!!

Erin said...

Thank you ma'am. I am almost done with the yellow one. I have like 3 more rows before I start the handle. I have the yarn for 2 more already. I need to get the yarn to make one for my sister in law and niece. I'm taking the bag I carry my work in with us to Castaway Bay tomorrow. I also figure I can work on them on the drive there.

Gail said...

Erin,they are beautiful,and my favorite one is the one you chose :o)

Rebecca said...

These are really pretty, and obviously very functional. I love them!